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I'm Lauren

I am a graphic designer currently living in Fairbanks, Alaska. My interests in design began with a love of art; painting being my first passion.

I have always known I am a creative thinker. I love color, pattern, texture, and appreciate the small details in design. Since graduating from Auburn University, my design portfolio has grown into a variety of print and digital work, including website design, packaging, branding, and more. 

My passions go beyond graphic design as well. I love interior design, especially anything with a modern boho feel. I am obsessed with all things beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, and would love to combine my design experience with marketing and social media work within these industries as well.

I love having so many creative outlets, but design specifically has taught me to be patient, diligent, and passionate in all of the work I do and has shown me how to find inspiration through all aspects of my life.


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